Who was the second President of Gabon?

Who was the second President of Gabon?

El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba (born Albert-Bernard Bongo; 30 December 1935 – 8 June 2009) was a Gabonese politician who was the second President of Gabon for 42 years, from 1967 until his death in 2009.

Who has been President of Gabon since 2009?

Ali Bongo Ondimba (born Alain Bernard Bongo; 9 February 1959), sometimes known as Ali Bongo, is a Gabonese politician who has been the third president of Gabon since October 2009. Ali Bongo is the son of Omar Bongo, who was President of Gabon from 1967 until his death in 2009.

How did Bongo die?

They quoted members of Bongo’s entourage as saying the African leader had died at 12:00 GMT. Bongo’s death was confirmed by Prime Minister Jean Eyeghe Ndong in a written statement on June 8, 2009. In his statement, Eyeghe Ndong said that Bongo had died of a heart attack shortly before 12:30 GMT on June 8.

What country speaks Bongo?


Gabonese Republic République gabonaise (French)
Demonym(s) Gabonese Gabonaise
Government Unitary dominant-party presidential republic
• President Ali Bongo Ondimba
• Prime Minister Rose Christiane Raponda

Who was the first President of the Republic of Gabon?

Bongo began his political career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1960 after serving two years in Gabon’s Air Force. He held several administrative posts and was vice-president under Leon M’ba, the first president of the Gabonese Republic. With M’ba’s death in 1967, Bongo became president; he was 31.

How did Ali Bongo get elected president of Gabon?

But Ali Bongo re-emerged as a more reserved figure, attempting to dress down and travelling to campaign in the provinces. “His father was a populist but he was a privileged kid, it didn’t really stick,” said Mr Gaulme. In the end, Ali Bongo was elected, winning 42% of votes.

When did El Hadj Omar become president of Gabon?

Born Albert-Bernard Bongo, December 30, 1935, in Lewai, Franceville, Gabon; given name changed to El Hadj Omar in 1973. Married first wife, divorced 1988; married Edith Lucie Sassou-Nguesso, 1990; children: Ali (son). Religion: Muslim. Military/Wartime Service: Gabonese Air Force, 1958-60. President of Gabon.

What was the main political party in Gabon?

At the time of Gabon’s independence, two principal political parties existed: the Gabonese Democratic Bloc (BDG), led by Léon M’Ba, and the Gabonese Democratic and Social Union (UDSG), led by Jean-Hilaire Aubame.

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