Which country code is +676?

Which country code is +676?

Telephone numbers in Tonga

Country Tonga
Continent Oceania
Typical format +676 yy xxx
Access codes

Why am I getting a call from Tonga?

If you get a call from an unfamiliar number with Tonga’s area code, it’s likely a phone scam, according to the Office of the Attorney General. Residents over the weekend took to social media to raise concerns about phone calls they received from 676-848-9003. Angelenne Serafico received the phone call twice.

Which country code is +60 11?

Country information Malaysia Where is Malaysia located?

Where does the country code 676 come from?

If you have received a telephone call or number to call from country code 676, then the country from which that call originated is Tonga. This reverse phone lookup information helps you get specific dialing instructions from your country to Tonga below.

Where is the area code 676 in Tonga?

Tonga telephone code 676 is dialed after the IDD. Tonga international dialing 676 is followed by an area code. The Tonga area code table below shows the various city codes for Tonga. Located in Oceania, Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, directly south of Samoa and about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand.

What is the country code for the number 00676?

You have got a call from phone number beginning with 676 or 00676 or 011676 or +676 and you want to know which country is the country code 676. The country code 676 (676 area code) belongs to: Tonga. 676 code country is preceded either by 00 ( 00676 ) or 011 ( 011676 ) for calls made from USA and Canada and by the sign plus (+676).

How to call 00676 + 676 from Germany?

Simply replace the 0 before the telephone number to call by 00676 or 011676 if you make call from Canada and USA. Either 00676 X XX XX XX XX. or +676 X XX XX XX XX if you call from a German mobile phone. or +676 XX XX XX XX. is the area code of .

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