Where is area code 370?

Where is area code 370?

The Lithuania country code 370 will allow you to call Lithuania from another country. Lithuania telephone code 370 is dialed after the IDD. Lithuania international dialing 370 is followed by an area code….14°C.

City Dial Codes
Moletai +370-383
Neringa +370-469
Pakruojis +370-421
Palanga +370-460

What country code is 218?

218 Country Code – Libya – 00218. 218 is the country code for Libya. Tripoli is the capital city of Libya.

Which country code is +218 92?

This page details Libya phone code. The Libya country code 218 will allow you to call Libya from another country. Libya telephone code 218 is dialed after the IDD. Libya international dialing 218 is followed by an area code.

What is the country code for Lithuania Lithuania?

home Homepage. Country Code +370: Phone Calls from Lithuania.

When to report a missed call from Lithuania?

Did you receive a missed call of an unknown number from Lithuania (with the country code +370) and want to look it up? Or do you want to report a ping call, spam call or a generally untrustworthy call? February 25, 2021 was the day with the highest activity due to 18 reports for phone numbers with the country code +370.

How to call Akmene, Lithuania, area code?

Lithuania Dial Codes City Area Code Dialing Code Akmene 425 +370 425 Alytus 315 +370 315 Druskininkai 313 +370 313 Elektrenai 528 +370 528

When did Lithuania stop using Soviet area code 810?

International dialing prefix “00” replaced Soviet-era 810 in 2003. Lithuania uses +370 country calling code since 1993, replacing area code in Soviet-numbering space +7 012 . ^ ” ” DĖL NACIONALINIO TELEFONO RYŠIO NUMERACIJOS PLANO ĮDIEGIMO BENDRŲJŲ PRINCIPŲ BEI GRAFIKO DALINIO PAKEITIMO IR PAPILDYMO ” “.

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