What was Western Sahara called?

What was Western Sahara called?

The official Moroccan government name for Western Sahara is the “Southern Provinces”, consisting of the Río de Oro and Saguia el-Hamra regions. The portion not under the control of the Moroccan government is the area that lies between the border wall and the actual border with Algeria (for map see Minurso map).

Do people in Western Sahara want independence?

The 1975 United Nations visiting mission to Spanish Sahara, headed by Simeon Aké, concluded that Sahrawi support for independence (as opposed to Spanish rule or integration with a neighboring country) amounted to an “overwhelming consensus” and that the Polisario Front was by far the most powerful political force in …

How dangerous is Western Sahara?

Driving within a few miles of it is extremely dangerous. The Sahrawis have been destroying landmines on their side of the berm, but the territory still has one of the highest concentrations of landmines in the world.

Is it safe to drive in the Western Sahara?

The road conditions are poor in Western Sahara and the country has a long record of road incidents. Please note that there are unexploded land mines and that it is best not to drive off road as many fatalities happen each year in the country due to the landmines.

Is there a territorial dispute in Western Sahara?

The Territorial Dispute in Western Sahara Western Sahara is a territory in North Africa bordered by Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco, inhabited by Moroccan and minority indigenous Sahrawi populations.

What was the conflict between Morocco and Western Sahara?

The conflict in Western Sahara was a dispute between Western Sahara (Frente Polisario) and Morocco which constitutes a big threat to regional stability after decolonization in 1975 by Spanish powers.

How did Spain gain control of the Western Sahara?

Spain acquired its sovereignty over Western Sahara not because it was a land without an owner, terra nullius, but through agreements concluded with local rulers. While Spain was the colonial ruler of the territory of Western Sahara, it did not have effective control over the people of the area.

What does Morocco want to do with Western Sahara?

Morocco wants Western Sahara to remain as an autonomous, self-governing part of its territory, in a fashion similar to the autonomous communities in Spain. The Polisario Front, backed by Algeria, demands a referendum on the region’s independence, which the U.N.’s mission in the region is ostensibly aimed at facilitating.

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