What was the weather like in the summer of 2011?

What was the weather like in the summer of 2011?

Summer 2011 brought many stories of extremes in weather, and also weather disasters. The average temperature for the United States in August 2011 was 75.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which was 3.0 degrees F above the long-term average (1901-2000), resulting in the second-warmest August on record.

What is the average summer temperature in Wisconsin?

The average high temperatures hover in the 60°F (15.6°C) to 74°F (23.3°C) range, while the average low temperatures are in the warm 55°F (12.8°C) to 65°F (18.3°C) range. Peak summer temperatures hold no more in September, but the days are long and bright with a drop in the amount of rain.

How many temperature records were broken 2011?

Using our record temperature tracker (see below), which draws on the National Climatic Data Center’s database, we found that June, July, and August saw more warm temperature records tied or broken than any other summer in the past decade: more than 26,500 record warm temperatures were set across the nation.

What was the weather like in Australia in August and September 2011?

Temperatures. Maximum temperatures averaged across Australia for August were 1.75 °C warmer than usual, the fifth highest on record. Southern parts of Australia enjoyed an early introduction to spring-like temperatures, with average to very much above average daytime and night-time temperatures recorded for August.

What caused the drought in Texas 2011?

What Is Causing the Drought? The main culprit of the intense 2011 dryness was La Niña, a weather pattern where the surface temperatures are cooler in the Pacific. In February 2013, the state climatologist told the Texas Legislature that high temperatures related to climate change have exacerbated the drought.

What’s the average temperature in Wisconsin in the summer?

The average annual temperature ranges from 39°F (4°C) in the north to about 50°F (10°C) in the south. Also to know, what is the average summer temperature in Wisconsin? The average temperatures in the state are in the range of 52°F (11.1°C) to 82°F (27.8°C) as the cloudy skies bring humidity to the overall weather conditions.

What’s the average temperature in Wisconsin in February?

Monthly Averages January February March June Average Monthly high in °F: 25° 28° 36° 69° Average Monthly low in °F: 11° 12° 21° 52° Average Snow/Rain (Precip.) (in inches) 0 0 0 0 Days with precipitation: N/A N/A N/A N/A

When is the highest and lowest humidity in Wisconsin?

Below are averages over the year for maximum and minimum humidity levels in Wisconsin. The hours when the highest and lowest humidity readings usually occur are given in local standard time. World Data Center for Meteorology. Climate of the World.

What’s the average temperature in Massachusetts in 2010?

The tables give the normals for maximum and minimum yearly temperatures based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010. Place name links take you to more detailed temperature information for that location. National Climatic Data Center. NOAA’s 1981-2010 Climate Normals.

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