What trade was valuable in West Africa?

What trade was valuable in West Africa?

Slaves became a valuable trade item in West Africa. Use the graphic organizer online to take notes on the rise of early African kingdoms and the role of trade in their development. Ghana’s rulers grew wealthy by controlling trade in salt and gold. Salt came from the north in large slabs, and gold came from the south.

What was the most valuable resource in West Africa Why was it so important?

Major oil fields, the country’s most important resource, are located in the Niger River delta and just off the coast.

What were the two most important trade items in West Africa?

The two most important trade items were gold and salt.

Why gold is valuable in West Africa?

Ghana itself was rich in ​gold​. People wanted gold for its beauty, but they needed salt in their diets to survive. Salt, which could be used to preserve food, also made bland food tasty. These qualities made salt very valuable.

How did the gold salt trade impact West Africa?

Consequently, for most of the Sudan region, salt had to come from the north. Salt was their major trade good but they also brought luxury items like glassware, fine cloth, and manufactured goods. In addition, with these trade goods came the Islamic religion, ideas in art and architecture, and cultural practices.

What was the gold trade in West Africa?

The most common commodity that gold was used to purchase was salt, a mineral that was always in great demand in order to better preserve dried meat and to give added taste to food. The Savannah region south of the western Sahara desert (known as the Sudan region) and the forests of southern West Africa were poor in salt.

Why did people trade gold for salt in Africa?

Traders exchanged gold for something the West Africans prized even more: salt. Salt was used as a flavoring, a food preservative, and as today, a means of retaining body moisture. The first people to make the trek across the Sahara were the Berbers of North Africa who carried their strict Islamic faith across the desert.

When did iron smelting start in West Africa?

Iron smelting and forging technologies may have existed in West Africa among the Nok culture of Nigeria as early as the sixth century B.C.

Where was the gold trade in the Middle Ages?

West Africa was one of the world’s greatest producers of gold in the Middle Ages. Trade in the metal went back to antiquity but when the camel caravans of the Sahara linked North Africa to the savannah interior, the trade really took off.


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