What sac stores water nutrients and waste products?

What sac stores water nutrients and waste products?

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Question Answer
Endoplasmic Reticulum Passages ways where chemicals are made.
Vacuole Sac that stores water, nutrients, or waste products.
Cell Membrane Membrane that surrounds and protects the cell.
Nucleus Structure that contains DNA and directs the cell.

What organelle stores water waste and nutrients?

▶ Vacuole- stores water, food, waste, and other materials.

What is a sac like organelle that stores water?

Vacuole. A sac like organelle that stores excess water, food, waste and other substances surrounded by a membrane.

What is a sac filled with digestive chemicals?

Lysosome. Sac filled with digestive chemicals.

What stores stuff in a cell?

A vacuole is the storage area of the cell. Vacuoles store water, food, and waste.

What cell is called the Power House?

Work on mitochondria did not stop in the 1950s after it was named “the powerhouse of the cell.” Subsequent studies throughout the rest of the 20th century identified the mitochondria as an incredibly dynamic organelle involved in multiple cellular processes in addition to energy production.

What are sacs that store water, nutrients, or waste products?

Sacs that store water, nutrients, or waste products Lysosome Sac filled with digestive chemicals Ribosome Small structure that synthesizes proteins Plasma membrane Membrane that surrounds and protects the cell Vesicles Packages created by the Golgi apparatus Nuclear envelope Membrane that protects the nucleus Mitochondria

Which is the cell organelle that stores waste products?

In a cell, the organelle that stores waste products is the vacoule. However, the process of removal of these waste products is carried out by tonoplast and plasma membrane. What cell stores water waste products food and other cellular materials? an organelle called vacuole Which organelle stores waste? Vacuole What organelle stores food?

Which is part of a cell stores water?

A vacuole is the organelle in a cell that stores water ,dissolved minerals, and other nutrients. A vacuole also can store waste products. What cell part stores waterwaste productsfoodand other cellular materials?

Why are sacs so important in plant cells?

A large membrane-bound sac found in plant cells that stores water, nutrients, waste products, and other chemicals. In plant cells, this structure helps the cells maintain their shape via turgor pressure.

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