What parts of Africa speak French?

What parts of Africa speak French?

French is an official language, or shares official status with other languages in Equatorial Guinea, Togo, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Burundi, Guinea, Chad, Rwanda, Congo, Mali, the Seychelles, Djibouti, and Senegal.

Where in Africa is French widely read and spoken?

And as a result of that colonial history, French remains the official language of Senegal, as well as 19 other countries across Africa.

How many countries speak English and French in Africa?

Besides, there are people in some African countries who speak French, Arabic, and others languages. You might be wondering: “How many countries are in Africa?” Today, there are 54 countries in Africa in general according to the United Nations official statistic. And 24 of them are English speaking.

Where is French widely spoken in Africa?

the French varieties spoken in Eastern Africa (Madagascar, Comoros, Mayotte), which have 5.6 million first and second language speakers in 2018.

How useful is French in Africa?

The daily use of French has increased by 17% on the African continent from the survey period 2010 to 2014, compared to an 11% growth in the rest of the world. French remains the sole official language in 11 African countries, and the second official language in 10.

Which African country speaks the best French?

Of these countries, Gabon comes in first as the African country with the greatest percentage of French speakers (80 percent) with Mauritius taking second at 72.7 percent and Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal tying for third with 70 percent.

Are there any countries in Africa where French is spoken?

There are several other countries where they speak French in Africa, although French is not the official language. These countries include Algeria, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Qatar, and Tunisia. As you can see, they speak French in Africa in about half of all the countries!

Are there any English speaking countries in Africa?

There are about two dozen African countries where English is spoken an official language. Most of these countries where English is spoken are former British colonies except for Rwanda and Eritrea that were colonized by Belgium and Italy respectively.

How many languages do people in Africa speak?

Which is the official language in East Africa?

What is more, a big step was taken to make English the official language in the East Africa. In Ugandan schools and colleges/universities, English is the main language. Uganda is the country where more than 60 languages are spoken. Tanzania and Kenya they have two official languages – Kiswahili and English.

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