What is zip code Nandyal?

What is zip code Nandyal?

Nandyala/Zip codes

What is the area code of Nandyal?

Nandyal Std Code Number, Andhra Pradesh

Location STD Code State
Nandyal 08514 Andhra Pradesh

Which district is Nandyal?

Kurnool district
Nandyal is a city in Kurnool district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

What is the pin code of markapur?

Markapur/Zip codes

What is Nandyal famous for?

Nandyal is said to be at the epicenter of nine Nandi, Shiva’s vehicle, or nine temples dedicated to Lord Shiva….8 Tourist Places Near Nandyal

  • Ahobilam Temple.
  • Yaganti Temple.
  • Belum Caves.
  • Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Lankamalla Reserved Forest.
  • Gandikota Fort.
  • Adoni Fort.

What is the importance of Kurnool district?

Palaeolithic era Belum Caves are geologically and historically important caves in the district. There are indications that Jain and Buddhist monks were occupying these caves centuries ago. Many Buddhists relics were found inside the caves. These relics are now housed in Museum at Ananthapur.

What is the Pincode of Adoni?

Adoni/Zip codes

Which is the postal code of Kurnool Andhra Pradesh?

As per the first 2 digits of this Indian postal code, 518467 pin code belongs to post circle Andhra Pradesh. Last 3 digits of the code are assigned to the A.Gokulapadu Branch Post Office. A.Gokulapadu B.O pin code officially comes under Kurnool division, and Kurnool region.

Is there a bus service from Nandyal to Kurnool?

The NH18 [ presently National Highway 40 (India) (NH 40)] is well connected to Kurnool, Tirupathi, Kadapa etc. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation operates bus services from Nandyal bus station. Nandyal Junction is administered under Guntur railway division of South Central Railways.

What is the average temperature in Nandyal, India?

These give it an equitable climate throughout the year. However, summers can be particularly hot. The average temperature is around 28 °C. The City is a major hub of industry and agriculture. It is rich in natural resources like marble.

What are the latitude and longitude coordinates of Nandyal?

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 15.478569, 78.483093. Nandyal is a small city located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, about 55 miles southeast from the city of Kurnool. The city was established a few centuries ago, and it is a home to nine temples, from which it takes its name (‘nine temple place’).


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