What is the population of each province in Canada?

What is the population of each province in Canada?

Population projection for Canada by province in 2020 and 2043 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic 2020 2043
Ontario 14,677.9 18,265.2
Quebec 8,494.5 9,472.4
British Columbia 5,103.5 6,224.4
Alberta 4,472.8 6,619.2

Which province has the highest population in Canada?


Population Name Population, 2016 Census
1 Ontario 13,448,494
2 Quebec 8,164,361
3 British Columbia 4,648,055

Which province has the least population in Canada?

Main Industries: The population of Nunavut is the smallest of the all the provinces and territories in Canada and close to 80% of the Territory’s residents are Inuit.

What is the prettiest province in Canada?

Each Canadian province and territory is strikingly attractive in its own way. However, Alberta is the most beautiful provinces of Canada among others. Surrounded by sparkling glacier lakes and Rocky Mountains, this western province of Canada is a home to top cities, like, Calgary and Edmonton.

Which is the most populated province in Canada?

The Most Populated Province In Canada. Ontario, located in east-central Canada, is the most populous province and the second largest by total area in the country.

Where do the majority of people in Canada live?

The majority of Canada’s population is concentrated in the areas close to the Canada–US border. Its four largest provinces by area (Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta) are also (with Quebec and Ontario, switched in order) its most populous; together they account for 86% of the country’s population.

Which is the most sparsely populated country in Canada?

The national population density of 10.2/sq mi makes Canada one of the most sparsely inhabited countries, but the figure does not account for the skewness in population distribution. The following are the most densely populated Canadian provinces and territories.

What is the population growth rate in Canada?

Current provinces and territories population growth rate are based on the Statistics Canada 2016 Census of Population. Ontario and Quebec have been the two most populated provinces since Confederation. The population of Canada increased every year since Confederation in 1867.

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