What is the mouth of the Niger river?

What is the mouth of the Niger river?

Gulf of Guinea
Atlantic Ocean

How deep is the Benue river?

It rises in northern Cameroon as the Bénoué at about 4,400 feet (1,340 m) and, in its first 150 miles (240 km), descends more than 2,000 feet (600 m) over many falls and rapids, the rest of its course being largely uninterrupted.

How did the river Niger get its name?

The name may come from Berber phrase ger-n-ger meaning “river of rivers”. The modern nations of Nigeria and Niger take their names from the river, marking contesting national claims by colonial powers of the “Upper”, “Lower” and “Middle” Niger river basin during the Scramble for Africa at the end of the 19th century.

Where is the Niger River located in Africa?

The Niger River is a very important water body located in West Africa. With a length of about 2597 miles, the river is considered the 3rd longest in Africa. The river has presence in 5 west African countries – Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin, and Nigeria. The significance of the Niger River cannot be overemphasized.

How big of an area does the Niger River drain?

Together with its tributaries, the Niger drains a total area of some 730,000 square miles (1,900,000 square km). The Niger drainage system is bounded in the south by such highlands as the Fouta Djallon, the Banfora Cliffs in Burkina Faso, the Plateau of Yorubaland, and the Cameroon highlands.

How big is the Benue River and the Niger River?

At their confluence the Niger is about three-fourths of a mile (1 km) wide, and the Benue more than a mile. Together they form a lakelike stretch of water about two miles wide that is dotted with islands and sandbanks.

How big is the Niger Delta in miles?

The huge Niger delta covers an area of about 14,000 square miles, and is made up of many small channels. The delta stretches for about 200 miles along the coast. The Niger River was not fully explored by Europeans until the late 18th century.

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