What is the most common job in Sierra Leone?

What is the most common job in Sierra Leone?

Working in Sierra Leone Mining remains the main source of employment, but there are many sectors growing around this staple industry. Healthcare and education are underdeveloped, so private arrangements are essential for those moving to the country.

Is Sierra Leone safe to work?

The official warnings say Sierra Leone is a high crime nation, with a significant risk of pick pocketing and theft. This is not the place to flash lots of cash or expensive phones. Certain places are to be avoided or treated with caution.

What are the living conditions in Sierra Leone?

Seventy percent of the population lives below the poverty line . Sierra Leoneans collect most of their drinking water from polluted sources. Pollutants and poor sanitation are attributed to some of the health problems in the country. Sierra Leone is one of the toughest countries to survive in.

What is the average income of a person in Sierra Leone?

A person working in Sierra Leone typically earns around 5,700,000 SLL per month. Salaries range from 1,440,000 SLL (lowest average) to 25,500,000 SLL (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Which tribe is the largest in Sierra Leone?

In all there are 16 ethnic groups in Sierra Leone. The largest of these is the Mende, found in the Southern and Eastern Provinces. Next to them in number is the Temne in the North. The third largest group is the Limba, also in the Northern Province, followed by the Kono in the Eastern Province.

How do blood diamonds affect Sierra Leone?

The Costs of Conflict Diamonds: Sierra Leone has suffered terrible social and economic costs as a result of its civil war and fight over diamond control. The war between 1991 and 1999 claimed over 75,000 lives, caused 500,000 Sierra Leoneans to become refugees, and displaced half of the countries 4.5 million people[6].

What is the government of Sierra Leone doing?

The Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) has made disaster preparedness and risk management one of its top priorities. To deliver on this priority, the Government has requested IOM’s assistance in strengthening its capacity, especially that of the Office of National Security (ONS).

How many people are underemployed in Sierra Leone?

The president has also given his support to the national campaign for a minimum quota of 30 percent of women in political decision making positions, but the number remains low at only 13.2 percent. Around 70 percent of youth are unemployed or underemployed. The youth population, aged 15 to 35, makes up one-third of the population of Sierra Leone.

What are the facts about poverty in Sierra Leone?

But, even in the face of these 10 facts about poverty in Sierra Leone, peace has been fostered within the nation. Since the enactment of a U.N. Peacekeeping intervention on January 18, 2002, Sierra Leone remains firmly on the path toward further consolidation of peace, democracy and long-term sustainable development.

Is it good to live in Sierra Leone as an expat?

Living in Sierra Leone as an expat can be a unique adventure, but may also have some downsides that should be taken into account: discover on InterNations GO! all the opportunities and advantages, as well as the health and security issues of this beautiful country! Need to move abroad?

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