What is the International phone code for Paraguay?

What is the International phone code for Paraguay?

Paraguayan international phone code : “595”. You have got a call from phone number beginning with 595 or 00595 or 011595 or +595 and you want to know which country is the country code 595. The country code 595 (595 area code) belongs to: Paraguay.

What is the area code for Ayolas 00595?

Simply replace the 0 before the telephone number to call by 00595 or 011595 if you make call from Canada and USA. Either 00595 X XX XX XX XX. or +595 X XX XX XX XX if you call from a German mobile phone. or +595 72 XX XX XX XX. 72 is the area code of Ayolas.

What is the country code for Paraguay 595?

The country code 595 (595 area code) belongs to: Paraguay. 595 code country is preceded either by 00 ( 00595 ) or 011 ( 011595 ) for calls made from USA and Canada and by the sign plus (+595).

What is the time of day in Paraguay?

The Paraguay country code is 595. The local time in Paraguay is 01:47:47 AM (01:47:47 AM) Get the mobile country codes for Paraguay.

How to call Asuncion Paraguay from United States?

sample call from US to a landline in Asuncion: 011 595 21 ??? ???? dialing format for calls to a cell phone: 011 595 9?? ??? ??? Add to landline numbers only!

What do they make in Emboscada, Paraguay?

They also make sweets, “guampa” a special kind of glass made of wood (usually palo santo) to drink tereré and mate, they also make sweets and finery from ysypo a kind of liane. You can also find strange pyramids in this place. Priest Amancio González was born in Emboscada. Geografía Ilustrada del Paraguay, Distribuidora Arami SRL; 2007.

Why is Emboscada called the stone city of Paraguay?

Emboscada is a town and district of the Cordillera Department, Paraguay . “San Agustín de la Emboscada” refers to the ambush before the Spanish Conquest, against Carios tribe made by Guaicurú people. It is also known as the Stone City because many people there work in mining. The weather in Cordillera Region is mild and dry.

What kind of currency is used in Paraguay?

The currency of Paraguay is the Paraguayan Guarani. The nationality of Paraguay is Paraguayans. Call Paraguay with Rebtel – Save 50% now! The Paraguayan country code and Paraguay area code chart below gives you the necessary information for calling Paraguayan cities.

How to call the capital city of Paraguay?

595 is the country code for Paraguay. Asunción is the capital city of Paraguay. To call a telephone number in Paraguay from Dubai (United Arab Emirates): Dial the international call prefix. For calls from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) this is 00 (or ‘+’ from mobile phones). Dial the country code for Paraguay – 595.

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