What is the city code of Amritsar?

What is the city code of Amritsar?

The STD code of Amritsar in Punjab is 0183.

State :
City :

What is PIN code of Patti Punjab?

Patti/Zip codes

What is odisha area code?

Number structure

+91 6 612 613 614 615 616 617 …
India Odisha Code of Subregion

What is railway station code of Amritsar?

Amritsar Jn Railway station is situated in Amritsar, Punjab. Station code of Amritsar Jn is ASR.

What is the pin code of Tarn Taran?

Tarn Taran Sahib/Zip codes

What is the Pincode of Baramati?

Baramati/Zip codes

Which is biggest railway station in India?

Howrah Railway Station
1. Howrah Junction – 23 Platforms. Howrah Railway Station is the busiest railway stations in terms of passenger volume per day and its 23 platforms are serving more than a million passengers. Howrah Junction also has largest number of railway platforms in India and one of the busiest railway platforms too.

Where can I find the PIN code of Amritsar?

List of amritsar Locations Pin Code Location Pincode State District Abdal 143502 Punjab Amritsar Adiwala 143101 Punjab Amritsar Aim A kalan 143301 Punjab Amritsar

Where to find the STD code of Amritsar?

Find Amritsar STD Code or Amritsar Telephone Access code number.Also find the location map of Amritsar City of Punjab. Maps of India – India’s No. 1 Maps SiteMaps of India – India’s No. 1 Maps SiteMaps of India – India’s No. 1 Maps SiteMaps of India – India’s No. 1 Maps Site

When did Patti become part of Amritsar district?

Prior to the partition, Patti was a tehsil of Lahore district. After Amritsar revenue district was split in two, it became a part of the newly created Tarn Taran district. Patti has been a power center and by some estimates it has been so for as long as 1000 years.

Which is the nearest railway station to Patti?

Patti is an Old City and a municipal council of the Tarn Taran district in the Majha region of Indian state of Punjab, located 47 Kilometres from Amritsar. Patti city also near of India bordering Pakistan. It is connected through rail starting from Amritsar station to Khem Karan station, with Khem Karan being its last station of India.

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