What is the best African language to learn?

What is the best African language to learn?

Arguably, the most useful, indigenous African languages for Americans to learn are Yoruba (primarily spoken in Nigeria), Xhosa (South Africa), Swahili (Kenya, Tanzania, and much of East Africa), and Amharic (mainly Ethiopia).

What is the hardest language in Africa?

Taa, the last vital language of the Tuu language family and formerly called ʻSouthern Khoisan’, it is believed to be the world’s most difficult language. Part of the Khoisan language group and is spoken in the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa, it is also known as ! Xóõ or !

What is the most widely spoken African language in South Africa?

IsiZulu is the most widely spoken language in South Africa, the first language of close to a quarter of the population. It is the dominant language of KwaZulu-Natal.

What are the three most common languages in Africa?

The most widely spoken languages of Africa, Swahili (100 million), Hausa (38 million), Yoruba (20 million), Amharic (20 million), Igbo (21 million), and Fula (13 million) all belong to the Niger-Congo family.

What is the hardest language for English speakers to learn?

The Hardest Languages To Learn For English Speakers

  1. Mandarin Chinese. Interestingly, the hardest language to learn is also the most widely spoken native language in the world.
  2. Arabic.
  3. Polish.
  4. Russian.
  5. Turkish.
  6. Danish.

What is the world’s most spoken language 2020?

According to Ethnologue, Chinese (and all of its varieties such as Mandarin and Wu) is by far the most spoken language across the world with 1.31 billion speakers. That’s approximately 16 percent of the world’s population.

Which is the most spoken language in Africa?

Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Africa 2020 | The African Exponent. 62% of the total Arabic speakers in the world are Africans. By Sebastiane Ebatamehi. “How the exclusionary nature of the English language is used in knowledge production separates us as humans.” ― Malebo Sephodi Linguists define language as a method of human communication.

Which is the official language of South Africa?

Zulu: IsiZulu, also known as Zulu, is one of South Africa’s official languages. Branching out from the Bantu/Nguni family of languages, Zulu has more than 10 million speakers and is the second most widely spoken Bantu language (after Shona).

Which is the official language of East Africa?

The Swahili language is spoken by the Swahili ethnic group. This is, however, a very large ethnic group. The group is dispersed across East Africa and is oftentimes used for business transactions. The Swahili language is the official language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Which is the official language of the Horn of Africa?

OROMO Oromo is a Cushitic language spoken widely within the Horn of Africa and other surrounding countries. However, it is not the official language of any country. Some of the countries where Oromo is widely spoken include Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Egypt. To say hello in Oromo, one says, ‘AKKAM’. 8. YORUBA

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