What is the area code of Davao del Norte?

What is the area code of Davao del Norte?

Region Name:Davao del Norte

City National Destination Code Sn from
Panabo 84 8240000
Panabo 84 8990000
Samal City 84 2320000
Samal City 84 3100000

What is region of Davao del Norte?

Davao del Norte (Cebuano: Amihanang Dabaw; Tagalog: Hilagang Davao) is a province in the Philippines located in the Davao Region in Mindanao….

Davao del Norte
Country Philippines
Region Davao Region
Founded May 8, 1967
Capital Tagum

What country code is 084?

Area codes 084 and 086 are Nigerian telephone area codes serving the cities of Port Harcourt and Ahoada in Rivers State. They fall under the Southeast Zone in the National Numbering Plan (NNP) restructured in 2003.

Is Davao del Norte safe?

As for other types of crime, Davao is mostly safe. As an experienced traveler, you know that you should keep your belongings in a safe place, not to flash your valuables, especially parts of expensive technology, in public places, and not to carry all your money with you.

What is the region of Compostela Valley?

Davao Region
Davao de Oro

Davao de Oro Compostela Valley
Country Philippines
Region Davao Region
Founded 8 March 1998
Renamed 7 December 2019

How can I call a mobile number in Davao City?

Cellphone Call to Provincial Landline For example, if you want to call 221-3575 which is in Davao City (area code 82), just dial 82-221-3575.

What is the city code in the Philippines?

Philippines Dial Codes. Manila Time. Philippines Phone Code: 63. Manila Area Code: 2. Manila Dial Code: +63 2. City. Area Code. Dialing Code. Angeles City.

Where to dial area code 2 in the Philippines?

San Pedro, Laguna. 2. Domestic long-distance calls to locations with the area code 2 (Metro Manila, Rizal, Bacoor City and San Pedro, Laguna) require the prefix 0 before the area code. So if you are calling Manila from Cebu, you must dial 02 + landline number. Overseas calls to these locations don’t require the prefix 0.

What is the area code for Cebu Philippines?

For example, if you are in Manila and you want to call someone in Cebu, you don’t simply dial the 7-digit telephone number of the person you’re calling. You should include the area code 32 before the phone number.

Do you need an area code to call a landline in Manila?

You can dial the telephone number straight away. If you’re calling a landline number from your mobile phone, you will always have to include the area code, regardless of your location. So if you are in Manila and you want to call a landline number in Manila using your mobile phone, you will still need to include the area code.

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