What is the abbreviation for the state of Oklahoma?

What is the abbreviation for the state of Oklahoma?

Two-Letter State Abbreviations


What is a initialisms example?

An initialism is a term formed by abbreviating a phrase by combining certain letters of words in the phrase (often the first initial of each) into a single term. Common examples of initialisms include FBI (an initialism of Federal Bureau of Investigation) and TMI (an initialism of too much information).

Is there an abbreviation for the state of Oklahoma?

There are going to be situations in the future that require you to remember and use the OK – Oklahoma State abbreviation. There isn’t just one two-letter postal abbreviation per state, there’s also a longer abbreviation for each individual state.

Where is the capital city of Oklahoma located?

OK is the 2 letter abbreviation for Oklahoma, the 28th largest state in the United States of America. Oklahoma is a state located in West South Central part of U.S.A, bordering Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas. Oklahoma City is the capital city of Oklahoma.

How did Oklahoma get its nickname The Sooner State?

Oklahoma is known as The Sooner State. It got its nickname because Sooners is the name given to settlers who entered the Unassigned Lands in what is now the state of Oklahoma before the official start of the Land Rush of 1889. It has adopted this nickname since the 1920s.

When do you need to know the state abbreviations?

State abbreviations are often required when mailing items, filling out forms, or ordering things online. Learning the US state abbreviations is extremely useful and important for those living or doing business in the United States. The US is made up of 50 states, all with their own unique two-letter state abbreviation.

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