What is Tanzania country code?

What is Tanzania country code?

Tanzania/Dialing codes

How do I call a landline number in Tanzania?

Dialing procedure

  1. Landline: IDD + 255 (Country Code) + Area Code + Recipient’s Number.
  2. Cellular: IDD + 255 (Country Code) + 9 Digits Cellular Number.
  3. Tanzania ISD Code / Country Code – 255.
  4. Calling Tanzania From Abroad.
  5. Exit code + 255 + Area code + Telephone Number.

Which country is Dar es Salaam in?

With a population of more than six million, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is currently Africa’s fifth largest city. Africa will have 18 cities with more than five million people by 2030, up from eight in 2018, according to the United Nations.

Is Dar es Salaam safe to live?

Although generally considered safer than many other African countries, crime rates in Tanzania are unfortunately on the rise, especially in Dar es Salaam. Expats should rent a house or apartment in a gated compound with 24-hour security guards and an alarm system, as robberies are common.

How to find the airport code for Dar es Salaam?

This airport locator is a very useful tool for travelers to know where is Dar Es Salaam International Airport located and also provide information like hotels near Dar Es Salaam International Airport, airlines operating to Dar Es Salaam International Airport etc… IATA Code and ICAO Code of all airports in Tanzania.

Which is the spare area code in Tanzania?

LIST OF ALLOCATIONS Area Code Region 20 [spare area code] 21 [spare area code] 22 Dar es Salaam Region 23 Lindi, Morogoro, Mtwara, & Pwani Regions

How to call Tanzania from the U.S.?

Read our “How to Call Tanzania” guide below before you go off the deep end. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 255, the Tanzania country code. Then dial the 2-digit area code (check out the sample calling code list below), followed by the 7-digit phone number.

How to dial a country code in Tanzania?

Dial the country code for Tanzania – 255. Dial the subscriber number, omitting the first zero if there is one. 00255 +255 Tanzania Country Code Landlines – City/Area Telephone Codes in Tanzania

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