What is Nouakchott the capital of?

What is Nouakchott the capital of?

Nouakchott, city, capital of Mauritania, on a plateau near the West African Atlantic coast, about 270 miles (435 km) north-northeast of Dakar, Senegal. Originally a coastal village on the desert trail north from Dakar, it was developed after independence (1960) as the capital of the new nation.

What is the second largest city of Mauritania?

Which Are The Biggest Cities In Mauritania?

Rank Name Population
1 Nouakchott 661,400
2 Nouadhibou 72,337
3 Néma 60,000
4 Kaédi 55,374

What is the biggest city in Mauritania?

The largest city in Mauritania is Nouakchott, with a population of 661,400 people….Population.

Name 2021 Population
Nouakchott 661,400
Nouadhibou 72,337
Nema 60,000
Kaedi 55,374

What are 3 major cities in Mauritania?

List of cities in Mauritania

Cities in Mauritania
Rank Name Population
1 Nouakchott 393,325
2 Nouadhibou 59,198
3 Kiffa 29,292

Is Mauritania poor?

Mauritania is one of the largest and least populated countries of West Africa. Despite the country’s huge reserves of resources (fish, iron, oil, gold, etc.), more than 16.6% of the population lives below the extreme poverty line.

What religion is Mauritania?

The constitution defines the country as an Islamic republic and designates Islam as the sole religion of the citizenry and state.

Who lives in Mauritania?

Mauritania has a total population of about 3.5 million people consisting of 4 main ethnic groups: Moors (white and black from Arab origins), Pulaar, Wolof, and Soninke (black from African origins). Mauritania is a Muslim country. People dress in both the traditional Muslim and western clothes.

Is Mauritania an Arab country?

One of Africa’s newest oil producers, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania bridges the Arab Maghreb and western sub-Saharan Africa. The largely-desert country presents a cultural contrast, with an Arab-Berber population to the north and black Africans to the south. Many of its people are nomads.

Why is Mauritania so poor?

Mauritania is a sparsely populated and enormous nation stretching across a vast area of Northwest Africa. Corruption is another one of the major causes of poverty in Mauritania, which has prevented the country from exploiting its resources – these include fish, minerals and livestock.

Is Mauritania a safe country?

There is a high risk of kidnapping in Mauritania, and Westerners are a preferred target. Hostages have been detained for several months before being released. Be particularly cautious in areas bordering Western Sahara and Mali.

Where is Nouakchott on the west coast of Africa?

Nouakchott seen from the Spot Satellite. Located on the Atlantic coast of the Sahara Desert, it lies on the west coast of Africa. With the exception of Friendship Port and a small fishing port, the coastal strip is mostly left empty and allowed to flood.

What was the population of Nouakchott in 2008?

Part of the difficulty in estimating the city’s population is that part of it is nomadic, setting up tents in suitable locations, then packing up when the need strikes. Some estimates put the 2008 population at over 2 million, estimated to be close to one-third of the country’s population.

Why did Ould Daddah choose Nouakchott as his capital?

Ould Daddah desired for the new capital to be a symbol of modernity and national unity which ruled out existing cities or towns in the interior. The village was selected as the capital city for its central location between Saint-Louis, Senegal, the city from which the colony of Mauritania was governed, and Nouadhibou.

When was Nouakchott chosen as the capital of Mauritania?

Nouakchott was a mid-sized village of little importance until 1958, when it was chosen as the capital of the nascent nation of Mauritania. At the time, it was designed and built to accommodate 15,000 people.

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