What is jasjis G 4052?

What is jasjis G 4052?

JIS G 4052: Structural steels with specified hardenability bands.

What does RG 2682 mean for contractors?

General resolution RG 2682, derogates legal resolutions RG 4052 (DGI) and RG 178 (AFIP) and imposes new requirements for contractor withholding. The government establishes a threshold amount that must be reached before you begin withholding tax amounts from the payments that you make to your contractors.

What does p760402a mean?

The calculation base for VAT Withholding is the VAT amount specified in the voucher. You define the VAT Calculation Basis in the VAT Withholding Percentages program (P760402A). See Setting Up VAT Withholding Percentages.

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