What is Guanajuato area code?

What is Guanajuato area code?

How to call Guanajuato? The area code is Guanajuato 473. For example, for call to a fixed line in city ​​of Guanajuato must be marked: 011 + 52 + 473 and then the phone number (7 digit).

How do I call Guadalajara Mexico?

How to call Guadalajara from the USA:

  1. Start with 011 — the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Next, enter 52 — the country code for Mexico.
  3. Then, dial 33 — the Guadalajara area code.
  4. Finish with the 7–8 digit local phone number.

Does Mexico have a country code?

Call a landline in Mexico Dial 011, the exit code. Dial 52, the Mexican country code. Dial 998, the Cancun area code. Dial 123-4789, the phone number.

What area code is 461 Mexico?

Mexico Dial Codes

City Area Code Dialing Code
Cabo San Lucas 624 +52 624
Campeche 981 +52 981
Cancún 998 +52 998
Celaya 461 +52 461

What area code is 414 Mexico?

Area codes in Mexico by code (400-499)

City State Code
San Nicolás Querétaro 414
Santa María del Camino Querétaro 414
Tequisquiapan Querétaro 414
Atotonilco Guanajuato 415

What is the area code for Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

Country Code Area Code Local Number
52 322 ######

What is the dial code for Mexico City?

Mexico Phone Code: 52 Mexico City Area Code: 55 Mexico City Dial Code: +52 55 List of People with a Mexico Dial Code Widget

Which is the area code for Acapulco Mexico?

Area codes: Acapulco 744 Guadalupe 81 899 Aguascalientes 449 Guanajuato 473 661 Apodaca 81 Hermosillo 662 464 Cabo San Lucas 624 Irapuato 462 844 Campeche 981 Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo 755 444

Where can I find the country code for Anguilla?

Country Codes COUNTRY COUNTRY CODE ISO CODES POPULATION AREA KM 2 Anguilla 1-264 AI / AIA 13,254 102 Antarctica 672 AQ / ATA 0 14,000,000 Antigua and Barbuda 1-268 AG / ATG 86,754 443 Argentina 54 AR / ARG 41,343,201 2,766,890

Where is the city of Zihuatanejo located in Mexico?

Location in Mexico. Zihuatanejo (Spanish pronunciation: [siwataˈnexo]), or Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, is the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Politically the city belongs to the municipality of Zihuatanejo de Azueta in the western part of Guerrero, but both are commonly referred to as Zihuatanejo.

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