What is area code of Sangli?

What is area code of Sangli?

Sangli Std Code Number, Maharashtra

Location STD Code State
Sangli 0233 Maharashtra

Which city is Sangli?

pronunciation (helpĀ·info), is a city and the district headquarters of Sangli District in the state of Maharashtra, in western India. It is known as the Turmeric City of Maharashtra due to its production and trade of the spice. Sangli is situated on the banks of river Krishna and houses many sugar factories.

What is the Pincode of Miraj?

Miraj/Zip codes

Who is king of Sangli?

The last ruler of Sangli was Capt. HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Sir Chintamanrao II Dhundirajrao Appasaheb Patwardhan. Sangli joined the Dominion of India on 19 February 1948 and is currently a part of the state of Maharashtra.

Does Sangli have airport?

Sangli does not have an airport of its own. Kolhapur is the nearest airport but currently, it is not working so Pune Airport is the nearest operational airport from Sangli.

Which is the area code for Sangli, Maharashtra?

STD code / area code / phone dial calling code for SANGLI is 233, which is in SANGLI in the state of MAHARASHTRA.

Where can I find the PIN code of Sangli?

List of sangli Locations Pin Code Location Pincode State District Agalgaon 416403 Maharashtra Sangli Agran Dhulgaon 416411 Maharashtra Sangli Ainwadi 415311 Maharashtra Sangli

What are the city area codes in India?

India Dial Codes City Area Code Dialing Code Agartala 381 +91 381 Agra 562 +91 562 Ahmedabad 79 +91 79 Aizawl 389 +91 389

Do you need country code 91 to call India?

As many Asian countries, the international dialing code 91 is only required to call India from abroad. Concerning national calls made in India, it is not necessary to dial the Indian country code 91.

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