What area code is 20 in UK?

What area code is 20 in UK?

020 is the national dialling code for London in the United Kingdom….020.

United Kingdom area code for London
National calling 020
International calling +44 20
Conservation No

Which country’s zip code is +20?


+1 USA and Canada
+20 Egypt
+210 unused Morocco
+211 unused Morocco
+212 Morocco

What area code is 08?

Area codes

Area code Region State or territory
03 South East Victoria, Tasmania
04 Mobile telephones Australia-wide
07 North East Queensland
08 Central and West Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory

Is ZIP code unique in world?

In the United States, the basic ZIP Code is composed of five numbers. This 11-digit number is theoretically a unique identifier for every address in the country.

What are 08 and 09 numbers?

Special phone numbers, which beginning with 08, 09 and 118, are often used by companies in the UK. They’re also used for premium rate services, for TV show voting and for directory enquiries. On all UK mobile networks, it’s now totally free of charge to call an 0800 or 0808 phone number.

What is the country code for the UK?

44 – Country Code for UK. Phone Number ( remove initial 0 ): landlines – area code (2 to 5 digits) + local number total 10 digits. cell phones – 10 digits.

What are the country codes for the British Virgin Islands?

Country Codes COUNTRY COUNTRY CODE ISO CODES Botswana 267 BW / BWA Brazil 55 BR / BRA British Indian Ocean Territory 246 IO / IOT British Virgin Islands 1-284 VG / VGB

How many digits does it take to dial UK area code?

United Kingdom area codes usually have 2, 3, 4 or 5 digits. While calling United Kingdom from abroad, you need to dial the ISD code followed by the area code and finally the phone number. Given below is a list of area codes for calling United Kingdom’s major cities/regions.

What is the International exit code for Israel?

To connect internationally from Israel you can use either the default 00 exit code or pick your carrier by using its carrier code. Dial 8, wait for a dial tone, then dial 10. When dialling between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda use exit codes 005 for dialing to Kenya, 007 for Tanzania and 006 for Uganda.

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