What are the traditional means of communication?

What are the traditional means of communication?

Traditional means of communication exploit and develop the local means, materials and methods of communication, such as poems, stories, songs and dances, games, fables and puppet shows.

What are the traditional means of communication in the olden days?

Talking. Verbal communication between people has been used for thousands of years. Native Americans used smoke signals, drum beats, and torches in key positions. Interestingly, this torch/lantern concept was still in use during the American Revolutionary War.

What are the four traditional media of communication?

Although modern media like Internet, Radio, Television, Magazine and Newspapers has been introduced over the traditional media of communication like the town-crier, oral poetry/narrative, festivals, folklore, music/lyrics, drama, market place, and storytelling, but the overruling role of the traditional media in …

What are traditional tools of communication?

Most of what used to be called traditional communications tools, television, radio, newspapers, magazines has been around for decades, if not hundreds of years.

What are the two traditional means of communication?

Traditional means of communication exploit and develop the local means, materials and methods of communication, such as poems, stories, songs and dances, games, fables and puppet shows. Other means of mass communication (one way, of course) were radio speeches and public meetings.

What are the 5 means of communication?

Five Types of Communication

  • Verbal Communication. Verbal communication occurs when we engage in speaking with others.
  • Non-Verbal Communication. What we do while we speak often says more than the actual words.
  • Written Communication.
  • Listening.
  • Visual Communication.

What are the examples of traditional communication?

Traditional communication can be defined as the physical act of transferring information. We speak, hear, send and receive text and instant messages, and transmit e-mail. We engage in phone conversations; we listen to MP3s, radio, and TV; we read and write.

What are the 5 methods of communication?

What is the difference between traditional and modern communication?

Traditional means of communication have a passive audience meaning that the audience are not involved in the content in the medium while modern means of communication have an active audience are participating in the content in the medium.

What are the advantages of traditional communication?


  • Different communication methods reduce confusion.
  • It is face to face interaction which increases the understanding capability increases memory.
  • They are cheaper than many other forms of communication more so compared to modern.

What are traditional tools?

A traditional tool is primarily an instrument that helps in the completion of a particular task. A device which was used traditionally was mainly manual. But with the modernization, the tools have become electric or automatic. It is also known as equipment or an instrument.

What are the 10 means of communication?

The following are the means of communication:

  • Postal Services: Postal Services were started in 1837 by British people.
  • Telegraph services:
  • Telecommunications:
  • Courier Services:
  • Electronic Method:
  • Internet Service:
  • Radio and Television:

    Why is traditional communication so important in Nigeria?

    The same amount of importance is attached to traditional communication in Nigeria, mostly in rural areas. In rural areas, traditional communication subsumes the use of traditional means of communication to foster oneness, exchange ideas, resolve contentious issues and vexed problems, share information, etc.

    What do you mean by traditional ways of communication?

    There have always been various ways of communicating in what we can call the traditional days. But not only that, these traditional methods synergise with the very modern means of communication. So, traditional communication has to do with those communication routes that used to be and still exist in rural regions.

    How are traditional means of communication used in rural development?

    The rural means of communication is still the epitome for rural development. These traditional medium of communication includes the following Ekwe, Ikoro, Smoke signals, Open market, Age groups, palm fronds, The town crier oja etc. However, both primary and secondary data will be used in gathering information for the study.

    How are traditional media used to promote communication?

    However in a bid to promote communication, various government of the world have among other things been constructing roads, purchasing equipment and training personnel for any meaningful development to occur in Nigeria and Africa in general. There should be equal participation of both urban and rural settings of the society.

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