What are the main exports of Tunisia?

What are the main exports of Tunisia?

Tunisia’s foreign trade represents 110.5% of its GDP (World Bank, 2019). Wire and cable manufacturing continues to be Tunisia’s main exporting industry (13.2% of all exports), followed by textile, petroleum by-products, electrical apparatus, olive oil, travel and transportation.

What are the major industries in Tunisia?

Tunisia: Economy

Economic Trivia Tunisia is ranked as the most competitive economy in Africa.
Top Industries Petroleum; Mining (Phosphate and Iron Ore); Tourism; Textiles

What are the main exports of Tunisia to the world?

Key exports now include textiles and apparel, food products, and manufactured products. Tunisia’s main natural resource, phosphate remains vital to its economy. Tunisia reformed its trade regime through unilateral tariff liberalization, reform of import procedures, and removal of many quantitative import restrictions.

Which is the most important trading partner of Tunisia?

Trade accounts for some one-fourth of GDP, and Tunisia relies heavily on its trade with Europe, with the EU accounting for the bulk of both exports and imports. France is the most important trading partner, followed by Italy, Germany, and China. Tunisia often shows an annual trade deficit.

What kind of economy does Tunisia have in the Arab League?

The country is also a signatory of the Arab League’s Arab Free Trade Area. In addition, Tunisia is a member of the Arab Maghrib Union, which aims at economic integration among its member states. Tunisia’s most significant exports are textiles and leather products, electrical machinery, and crude and refined petroleum.

Can You import European manufactured goods into Tunisia?

You can check the customs duties for your products with the Tunisian customs board. In 2008 Tunisia liberalised the trade of industrial goods with Europe due to the Association Agreement. Most EU manufactured goods can be imported in Tunisia without paying any customs duties.

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