Is Liberia a big country?

Is Liberia a big country?

It has a population of around 5 million and covers an area of 111,369 square kilometers (43,000 sq mi). English is the official language, but over 20 indigenous languages are spoken, reflecting the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity. The country’s capital and largest city is Monrovia.

Is Liberia rich or poor?

Despite its abundant natural wealth and favorable geographic location, Liberia is among the world’s poorest countries. The country is rich in natural resources which include iron ore, diamonds, gold, fertile soil, fishery and forestry. However, the economic potential of these assets remains largely untapped.

What is Liberia known for?

Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic, but it became known in the 1990s for its long-running, ruinous civil war and its role in a rebellion in neighbouring Sierra Leone. Around 250,000 people were killed in Liberia’s civil war, and many thousands more fled the fighting. …

Is Liberia the oldest country in Africa?

Standing proud as Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia is the only black state in Africa never subjected to colonial rule. Established on land designated for freed American slaves, the country officially became independent in 1847 and enjoyed relative stability for more than a century before civil war struck in the 1990s.

What is the average income of Liberia?

Median and Average Income in Liberia top

Y-o-Y Change
Average Household Income $56,688.00 2.7%
Median Household Income $43,494.00 4.5%
People below Poverty Level 8,007 -2.8%
People above Poverty Level 35,823 2.0%

Is Liberia a safe place to live?

Most visits to Liberia are incident free but there is a high level of crime in Monrovia, including armed robbery. Foreigners are occasionally targeted, although Liberians are the main victims of crime. Levels of crime are much higher after dark. Don’t walk anywhere in the city at night.

Why is Liberia so poor?

Because of the country’s low agricultural production and poor household incomes, Liberia has suffered from chronic food insecurity since the civil war. Currently, 38.4% of the population is food insecure, 25% of the population does not have access to drinking water, and just 17% have access to basic health services.

Does Liberia speak English?

More than two dozen languages are spoken in Liberia. English is the official language. Predominant languages include Kpelle, Bassa, Grebo, Dan, Kru, Mano, Loma, and Mandingo (spoken by the Malinke).

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