Is it legal to own a stun gun in Wisconsin?

Is it legal to own a stun gun in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin: Stun Guns and Tasers are Legal with Restrictions. You need a CCW license or recognized out of state license to legally carry stun guns in Wisconsin. However, you can have a stun gun in your home or business and even carry it in your vehicle if it’s in a closed case.

Is a stun gun considered a firearm?

TASERĀ® Devices and stun guns are not considered as firearms. They are legal for law enforcement use in all 50 states. They can be legally owned by citizens in 48 states.

Can I carry pepper spray in Wisconsin?

It is legal to buy, carry, use, and ship pepper spray to Wisconsin. Pepper spray containers must be less than 2 ounces. Pepper sprays must contain less than 10% of oleoresin capsicum. Pepper spray cannot be disguised or camouflaged.

Do you need a permit to carry a knife in Wisconsin?

Now, following the success of Wisconsin’s 2011 Concealed Carry Law, on February 6, 2016, Wisconsin passed 2015 Wisconsin Act 149 (Act 149), permitting the concealed carry of all knives, including switchblades, without a concealed carry license.

How long can you get for having a taser?

The maximum sentence for possessing a taser/stun gun is 10 years’ imprisonment. The Magistrates’ Court maximum sentencing powers are limited to 6 months’ imprisonment (for a single offence without credit for an early guilty plea).

Is it legal to carry a pocket knife in Wisconsin?

At a Glance: Wisconsin law does not generally restrict the possession and carry of knives either openly or concealed. While there is a statute that prohibits the concealed carry of any dangerous weapon: (941.23), knives are specifically excluded from that prohibition.

Is it illegal to carry a 3 inch blade?

It is an offence to carry any sharp or bladed instrument in a public place, with the exception of a folding pocket knife where the cutting edge of the blade is 7.62 cm (3 inches) or less.

Is it a felony to carry a stun gun in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, it is a Class H felony to carry, sell, transport, manufacture, or possesses a stun gun, unless you are located on property you own, lease, or legally occupy. Concealed weapon permit holders, peace officers, and selected others are exempt from this law.

Is it legal to carry a taser in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Stun Gun Possession and Transportation Laws. Since a recent change in the law, Wisconsin permits individuals to carry electric weapons, commonly known as stun guns or Tasers, under certain restrictions. Like other weapons, these carrying restrictions are strictly enforced. If a person is arrested for illegally carrying, transporting,…

Do you know the stun gun laws in your state?

Even if you are not intending to actively harm anyone with your stun gun, you can still get in trouble with the police if you do not obey stun gun concealed carry laws. In most states, the stun gun does not have to be concealed in order for you to carry it.

Are there any restrictions on stun guns in Massachusetts?


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