Is 01895 a premium number?

Is 01895 a premium number?

The cost of calling an 01895 number When calling from a land line, calls to 01895 numbers can cost up to 10p per minute, dependent on the time of day, and there is usually also a call set-up fee.

What area is 074?


Area Code MNA
074 Donegal
074 Dungloe
074 Buncrana
090 Athlone

How do you dial +263?

The Zimbabwe country code 263 will allow you to call Zimbabwe from another country. Zimbabwe telephone code 263 is dialed after the IDD. Zimbabwe international dialing 263 is followed by an area code….60.8°F.

City Dial Codes
Mutare +263-20

Do you get charged for 018 numbers?

No, 018 numbers are not currently free to call on UK mobile and landline tariffs. However the usual charges that apply when phoning these local numbers can be avoided if you have inclusive minutes remaining on your tariff, although these will still be used up unlike true freephone numbers.

Who called 01895519240?

Amazon Logistics Service Fraudsters can ‘spoof’ phone numbers, this means they make it look like they’re calling you from one of Amazon numbers. Anyone who calls you from this number should be knowledgeable about Amazon, and able to provide you with contact details to confirm that their call is genuine.

Where is the area code 01895 in Uxbridge?

The area code 01895 is for Uxbridge and the surrounding area. Locations using 01895 numbers include: Denham. Harefield. Ruislip. Uxbridge. West Drayton.

How many numbers are in the phone number 01895?

To get more information on a full number beginning 01895, click here. Phone numbers beginning 01895 are geographic numbers. The local number (the part of the number after the dialling code) is 6 digits long

Who is the 01895 area code for Amazon Prime?

Caller now barred. 01895 431095 called yesterday twice with auto message saying my Amazon prime was due for renewal,which it is not. I hung up straight away, but had another nuisance call today at from another number beginning 017 I didn’t pick up.

What is the area code for Uxbridge, England?

01895 Area Code (Dialling Code) ? 01895 is the area code for Uxbridge and the surrounding area. The UK telephone numbers from Uxbridge have this format : (01895) ###### within the 5 digit geographical dialling code 01895 (including the zero) are 11 digits long. ? Uxbridge (England)

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