How to call the Netherlands by area code?

How to call the Netherlands by area code?

dial Netherlands country code : 31 ; dial the area code : For example “36 ” is Almere area phone code ; add the Dutch phone number without the leading ‘0’.

Where is the town of Heerlen in the Netherlands?

in the province of Limburg in the southeast of the Netherlands on the border with Germany. It is situated in the COROP region of South Limburg and is part of the agglomeration Parkstad Limburg, formerly known as Oostelijke Mijnstreek .

How can I call Rebtel from the Netherlands?

To call Netherlands simply dial your exit country code, the Netherlands country code and the area phone code shown below, all before your local number. Once you’ve made your call, remember; Rebtel use the highest quality, real phone lines with great value rates at the cheapest prices.

How to call the Kingdom of the Netherlands?

Phone use and access in Kingdom of the Netherlands. As many European countries, the international dialing code 31 is only required to call Netherlands from abroad. Concerning national calls made in Netherlands, it is not necessary to dial the Dutch country code 31. Finally, to call your correspondent in Netherlands from a country abroad,…

Where is the town of Stadskanaal in the Netherlands? Stadskanaal (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌstɑtskaːˈnaːl] (listen)) is a town and municipality with a population of 32,715 in the province of Groningen in the northeast of the Netherlands. It was named after the canal Stadskanaal.

How are postal codes determined in the Netherlands?

The first two digits indicate a city and a region, the second two digits and the two letters indicate a range of house numbers, usually on the same street. Consequently, a postal address is uniquely defined by the postal code and the house number. On average, a Dutch postal code comprises eight single addresses.

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