How much vodka is consumed in Russia?

How much vodka is consumed in Russia?

Russians on average drank the equivalent of 6.6 litres of pure alcohol last year, according to Rosstat, which said this included: 6.6 litres of vodka and spirits. 57 litres of beer. 7.3 litres of wine, sparkling wine and champagne.

Is vodka actually popular in Russia?

Vodka is one of the national Russian symbols and one of the things most associated with the country. Being the biggest consumer of this drink, Russia spread the vodka culture to other countries by producing some spectacular kinds of vodka.

Do Russians consume a lot of alcohol?

Alcohol consumption in Russia remains among the highest in the world. According to a 2011 report by the World Health Organization, annual per capita consumption of alcohol in Russia was about 15.76 litres, the fourth-highest volume in Europe. It has dropped to less than 10 litres as of 2019.

Why is vodka so cheap in Russia?

In 2015, the Russian government cut the minimum price of Vodka to 185 Rubles in an effort to reduce the consumption of substitutes and illegally distilled spirits. The government started setting a minimum price in 2010 as part of an anti-alcoholism campaign, which almost doubled the price of vodka.

Why is vodka cheap in Russia?

What vodka do Russian people drink?

Stolichnaya Vodka Stoli is a name you might recognize as it is probably the most famous Russian vodka brand abroad. Stolichnaya vodka comes from some of Russia’s oldest distilleries, which are located in the Samara and Kaliningrad regions.

How strong is vodka in Russia?

Physically, vodka is composed of ethyl alcohol (fermented grain, rye, wheat, potatoes, or sugar beet molasses) and water. Typically, the alcoholic content per serving is between 35-50%; the standard Russian, Lithuanian, and Polish vodkas, however, are more exactly around 40% (80 proof).

Which country drinks the most alcohol in Asia?

NEW DELHI (ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – People in South Korea are the most prolific drinkers in Asia, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). South Koreans over the age of 15 on average drink 10.9 litres of alcohol a year.

What is the most expensive vodka in Russia?

Russo-Baltique: The World’s Most Expensive Vodka. Created by Russian car maker Russo-Baltique, the premium vodka is priced at a whopping $1.3 million per bottle. The vodka, intended to “woo Russian royalty, tycoons, and wealthy aficionados worldwide,” premiered at the Top Marques at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco last year.

What is the best Russian vodka in Russia?

Zyr is considered as one of the best Russian vodkas by vodka connoisseurs. Vodka is unique among all the distilled spirits, and Zyr the example of the cleanest tasting vodka.

What is good Russian vodka?

Russian Vodka. Stolichnaya Gold is made in Moscow and is one of the finest and rarest. It is exceptionally crystal-clear vodka with subtle tones of citrus and anise, medium to full-bodied, inducing flavors of powdered sugar and subtle spice, creamy-textured, rich flavored finish.

What is a traditional Russian drink?

The national drink of Russia is Vodka . The traditional types of Vodka contain no additional flavorings although some Russians wish to add flavor to their vodka with the use of pepper, lemon peel, cranberries or other herbs.

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