How many groups are in Afghanistan?

How many groups are in Afghanistan?

There are as many as 14 recognized ethnic groups in the country, with Pashtuns making up between 40 percent and 50 percent of the population. Tajiks account for about 25 percent, while Hazaras and Uzbeks are about 9 percent each. Then there are a handful of other groups in smaller numbers.

How is Afghanistan divided?

Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces. The largest city and capital is Kabul. Afghanistan is known for it’s mountainous terrain. This mountain range has also divided Afghanistan int three very different geographic regions known as: The Central Highlands, The Northern Plains, and the Southwestern Plateau.

What kind of people do they have in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a multiethnic and mostly tribal society. The population of the country consists of numerous ethnolinguistic groups: Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimaq, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashai, Nuristani, Gujjar, Arab, Brahui, Qizilbash, Pamiri, Kyrgyz, and others.

Who are the six plus two countries in Afghanistan?

The Six plus Two Group on Afghanistan (also known as 6 plus 2 Contact Group or “6 plus 2”) describes an informal coalition of the six nations bordering with Afghanistan ( China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan ), plus the United States and Russia,…

Which is the last ethnic group in Afghanistan?

Hazara’s are Shi’a with a very lesser part that is Sunni (Greens). The last ethnic group is the Uzbeks, who make up only 9 percent of the population. They also follow Sunni religion, such as the Hazara’s, but are not as disliked as Hazaras. They are located in the north area of Afghanistan.

Which is the most dominant religion in Afghanistan?

Of the 30 million people living there, the dominant religion is Muslim, with about 99.7% of the country’s population identifying as such. Afghanistan is a large and populous country with many different ethnic groups. In this lesson, though, we’ll focus on the three largest ethnic groups.

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