How do you say time in Dari?

How do you say time in Dari?

Time related vocabulary:

  1. دقیقه daqeeq/daqa means “minute”, it is usually pronounced as daqa.
  2. بجه baja : O’clock.
  3. کم kam : less.
  4. و wa/o means “and”, it is usually pronounced as “o” when not in the beginning of a sentence or phrase.
  5. ثانیه sania : second.
  6. نیم neem :half.
  7. یک yak :one.
  8. پنج Panj : five.

Do you speak English in Dari?

I can’t speak dari well. Do you speak English? Aaya Shuma Englisi Yaad Daren? (آيا شما انگريسي ياد دارن؟)

How do you say Girl in Dari?

Also don’t forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Dari….Dari Feminine.

English Feminine Dari Feminine
boy peser – پسر
girl dekheter – دختر

Is Dari hard to learn?

Dari is pronounced just the way you write it. its simple and easy. Hello, Anybody with this question in mind does not need to worry which to learn.

Widely used phrases

Dari questions may be either a linguistic expression used to make a request for information, or else the request itself made by such an expression. Usually it starts with why, how, where, when Here are some examples: how? chekonehe? – چگونه؟ what? chehe? – چه؟ who? keye? – کی؟ why? cherā? – چرا؟ where? kejā? – کجا؟

Where can I find the Dari phrasebook?

Just click any blue “Edit” link and start writing! Dari is the name of the variant of Persian spoken in Afghanistan . See also Persian phrasebook . Hello. Salaam. ( . سلام) How are you? Chi tor hasti? Chi hal dari? ( چي حال داري؟) Fine, thank you. Khob, tashakor. ( خوب تشكر) What is your name? Nametan chist ? ( نامتان چيست؟) My name is _____.

Who is the author of Dari as a second language?

Sayed is also a blog writer on Afghan culture and languages. He is the author of a Dari language textbook called “Dari as a Second Language”. Sign up to receive new posts by email.

When do you Say Salaam Alaikum in Dari?

If you feel that a longer greeting is necessary, (for instance if it is a friend that you have not seen for weeks or if the person is greeting you back warmly), then you can add more greetings after saying the initial “Salaam alaikum.” Here are examples of Dari greetings :

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