Did the French colonize parts of Africa?

Did the French colonize parts of Africa?

The French presence in Africa dates to the 17th century, but the main period of colonial expansion came in the 19th century with the invasion of Ottoman Algiers in 1830, conquests in West and Equatorial Africa during the so-called scramble for Africa and the establishment of protectorates in Tunisia and Morocco in the …

What did the French do in Africa?

As the French pursued their part in the scramble for Africa in the 1880s and 1890s, they conquered large inland areas, and at first, ruled them as either a part of the Senegal colony or as independent entities. These conquered areas were usually governed by French Army officers, and dubbed “military territories”.

Who did France colonize?

Other African countries colonized by France include Gambia, Chad, Mali, Togo, Sudan, Gabon, Tunisia, Niger, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and several others. In North America, France colonized the New France region, Newfoundland, and resent day Haiti.

How did the colonization of Africa affect France?

The colonization of Africa profoundly altered both France and the various African nations that were colonized. Administratively, politically, and practically, Africa never functioned as a unified object in French colonialism. Indeed, even at the height of its African empire, France never governed Africa under a single colonial apparatus.

When did France take control of West Africa?

During this time the Voulet–Chanoine Mission, a military expedition, was sent from Senegal in 1898 to conquer the Chad Basin and unify all French territories in West Africa. Until the unification of these colonies into French West Africa, these conquered areas were usually governed by French Army officers and dubbed “Military Territories.”

When did France give citizenship to the Africans?

In 1946, the Loi Lamine Guèye granted some limited citizenship rights to natives of the African colonies. The French Empire was renamed the French Union on 27 October 1946, when the new constitution of the French Fourth Republic was established.

What was the relationship between France and its colonies?

Today, the term has acquired a negative sense and is mostly used to refer to the neocolonial relationship between France and the colonies. After independence in the 1960s, most of the French colonies in Africa were thrown into a civil conflict that still ravages across the states.

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